Sue With Deer

Sue With Deer
"As the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants after You."

Friday, April 1, 2016

Daily Hope

“For the Law appoints men as high priests who are weak, but the word of the oath, which came AFTER the Law, appoints a SON, made perfect FOREVER.”  Hebrews 7:28

There is a song my friend and I were singing the other day after we came to North Carolina – some of you would know it, “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning….”

The tune is probably now rolling around in your head.  But now change the words to:

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Christ Jesus, F-o-r-e-v-e-r…”

There really is nothing sweeter or finer than to understand spiritual realities.  The Holy Spirit was given to us so that we might KNOW, that we might be strengthened in the Truth, that we might understand CHRIST living in us. 

Because of this we can live in daily hope – hope that each day we can grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ Himself.  We all need this hope on a daily basis – hope that if we experience our flesh one little iota, that there is definitely someone living in us WHO is bigger than all flesh – no matter what the flesh struggles happen to be.

God made His Son.  He made Jesus in the womb of Mary – a virgin.  God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ as we all know.  There was no contamination when Jesus was conceived.

And our Lord made it through the planet, He made it through all the temptations of the evil one – no sin ever entered Him.  Only time sin touched Him was again, as we all know, on the cross.  It was for us!

So He is the PERFECT SON.  Thing is, He died once for all for our sin.  No more dying – only living forever.  He died once, He was raised once!

Jesus has endless life.  Hebrews declares He is the FOREVER HIGH PRIEST of heaven.  He didn’t even come from the tribe of Levi.  He is from a different tribe:  Judah.

What a wonderful truth – that God made a way for us to not be under any system – the Levites were under the system of the Law as Hebrews  points out.

Anyone now who comes to Christ is UNDER GRACE – IN HIM – in His endless life and the Son whom God declares perfect.

This is so why we have to have that shift in our thinking – that my whole life on the planet is about discovering the Son of God in me – that He, by the Spirit in me, through my faith in Him will produce righteousness and holiness – not some made up religion, but the sweet fruit of the Spirit and love being the CROWNING garland of our being.

Sometimes we think things happening to us are punishment and they are not.  God will and can use anything that happens in our life to get us to move on to the real salvation of Jesus Christ in us.  One of the biggies is to perfect our FAITH in HIM/Jesus – the love of God – and the power of HIS life through the Spirit in us.

Bottom line for me is that each day when I wake up I know that I want to know Him more – and be close to the Lord’s Spirit in my heart, recognizing Him as I walk through the day.  Also believe His Word of Life.

AND…to be like a cow – what?!?  Well cows chew on their cud (food) and I understand they spend up to 8 hours a day chewing on it.  We’re to daily feast on truth and by dependence on the Spirit He can pull up truth from our hearts and minds to enjoy, to be enriched, to be strengthened in and through His wisdom apply in our daily lives.

There’s not a day go by when I see that there is truth I can and NEED TO apply to my life.  Just the mere fact of living in this world I see opportunities to refresh myself of the hope of Christ in me, WHO HE is, WHAT He has done – for the world is a reminder for  it contains exactly the opposite!
Another good reason for us to heed the words from Hebrews:  “EXHORT ONE ANOTHER DAILY…”

So here’s to chewing on His marvelous Word,

Sue Gaither

P.S.  By the way, God can teach us how to think upon Him daily, even when we have things to do, work, people to see, etc.  We just need to ask Him.

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